Virtual Vaccine User Guide

1. Installation

Just go to and you will be redirect to the closest server to you (e.g.
where Virtual Vaccine will then be installed into your web browser.

  • NO download from App Stores or Play Store
  • NO sign-up to any service or create any account
  • NO advertisement or any unsolicited interruption
  • NO leaking of data outside of your phone
  • NO username, email, phone number etc. needed
  • NO charge for use, distribution, modification (refer to license)
  • NO hidden operation (source code is published publicly)

Once installed it will ask permission to access your location, like any other data collected by Virtual Vaccine, the location data collected stays on your phone and is used to display your location to you only.

2. Quick Start

Collect your first location into Virtual Vaccine in just ONE SECOND.


On start up the Virtual Vaccine application displays a map, showing your current location in the middle of it as a blue dot (as shown below).


First, click on the "Add Location Pin" button on the right of the screen (as shown above) to add a Pin on the map to indicate your current location.


Second, click on the "Web Pin" button on the resulting menu (as shown above) to use the Web Browser's internal geolocation value as your current location.


Congrats! The location pin you just collected can be used in MANY other applications beside Virtual Vaccine. You are on your way to building up value assets in your own Private Cyberspace.

3. Location Pins

Location Pin is an easy and powerful way of collecting information about you and your environment.

They do not just tell you locations on the map, you can attach ANY sort of useful information onto each of them e.g. food orders, people names, shopping receipts, wifi signals etc.

The more pins you collect

  1. the more details you have to TRACK down the virus
  2. the better insight you GAIN into your lifestyle
  3. the more data you can SELL to potential buyers

The Pins are all numbered from the beginning of each day. So the first pin of the day is number 1, then 2, then 3 etc.

To help you see where the data for each pin came from easily, they can have different colours.

Touch Pin
Placed by touching the exact location on the map

Server Pin
Import from Servers (e.g. external gps devices)

Phone Pin
Import from Phone (e.g. gpx, kml mobile apps)

QR Pin
Placed by scanning QR codes

Web Pin
Placed by using current geolocation from web browser

Name Pin
Placed by selecting from a list of names of venue nearby

App Pin
import from our own app (e.g. 88io.apk)

4. Increasing Accuracy

Apple and Google have massive geo-positioning capabilities, but accuracy on their mobiles is still not good enough for within metre positioning - this is where you can help.

If you zoom into the blue dot on your map, by spreading out with 2 fingers, you will see a blue circle around the blue dot, which indicates the accuracy of your location as reported by the blue dot (as shown below).


Some governments offer high resolution images for free (e.g. NSW Australia) which act as a great background map (as shown below).


For high accuracy placement, you can use the image background to see whether the blue dot is indicating your current position properly and only use Web Pin if it is acceptable.

For example, as shown below, the user was standing next to a rubbish bin collection area.

Web Pins are coloured Black. All Pins are numbered in chronological order (as shown below).


When the blue dot accuracy of your current location is poor, you can use Touch Pin to specify a more accurate position by selecting Touch Pin instead of Web Pin and then touching the map at the correct position.

For example, as shown below, the blue dot was in the middle of the road when the user was standing on the pavement, so the user clicked the Touch Pin button instead of the Web Pin button and touched the screen.

Touch Pins are coloured Green. There are lines linking all pins together in chronological order (as shown below).


5. QRcode, Barcode and Text scanning

Unlike the very limited COVID QR Code scanners, Virtual Vaccine can make use of any QR code, Barcode and Text images, e.g. overseas COVID QR Codes, Alipay, bus seats, home made QR codes etc.


A faster result is normally achieved when using the rear facing camera.


If the QRcode scanning is successful, a blue pin will be displayed on the map.


Barcode scanning


To take the photo, it must be done in landscape mode and if it is detected, it will be shown as below.


After clicking on the barcode result, a black pin will be displayed on the map.


Text scanning


Use the camera to take a photo of the text or the image to be scanned.


If the result is successful, a black pin will be displayed on the map.


6. Home Page

Virtual Vaccine looks just like other online maps where you can see your daily movements, with added features to fight COVID.


  • Base Map button displays different Base Maps as the background. The sample above is using the Transport Base Map, you can see the bus route number 418 along the roads. Besides picking different Base Maps for different purposes, you can also edit those maps online by just clicking the "Edit" button.
  • QR Scanner button scans ANY QR code safely for contact tracing (e.g. bus shops QR codes, Alipay Wechat QR codes, product QR codes, all COVID QR codes worldwide).
  • Current Location button shows you rapidly where you are on the map (and depending on your phone might also show the direction you are facing).
  • Add Pin button enables you to put locations you have visited on the map.
  • Menu button allows you to select the easy One Button Contact Trace Mode or the full featured Advanced Mode.
  • Copyright button gives you more details on the creators of the displayed Base Map

No data leave your phone under the default COLLECT alias - so it will work even if you disable communication e.g. turn on "air plane" mode.

Personal Map

After the click, your Personal Map available at will be installed inside your mobile phone browser.


You can use it immediately to start building up your personal information assets by scanning COVID QR codes, Shopping Barcodes, Bus Shops QR Codes etc.

You can also install mobile apps to feed your Personal Map automatically with locations you have visited and wireless signals you have encountered (e.g. bluetooth signals from other COVID apps, TVs, earbuds etc.) while it remains in your pocket.


Unlike other apps, your have full independent control of Citizen Assisted Contact Tracing right on your phone. By default:

  1. NO sending of DATA outside your phone.
    When needed (say you tested COVID positive or someone offered you a bag of cash) you can selectively disclose some of the collected data.

  2. NO running of SOFTWARE outside your phone.
    Software (e.g. Personal Map itself) does not need to "phone home" to operate. In fact you can make a copy and start your own COVID fighting force independent of us.

As you gain more confidence in Citizen Assisted Contact Tracing, you can start to exchange data and rewards with other citizens under the protection of the Fiduciary Exchange.

Add Location Pins

To start you need to feed your selected Alias with some location.

Virtual Vaccine Modes

Although your COLLECT Alias gives you perfect memory (e.g. history of your movements), when there is a large outbreak, it might takes too long to be notified out-of-band (e.g. through TV news) that you might be exposed and wait for you to submit your movement manually.

When there is an outbreak you can OPTIONALLY use your SHARE Alias to submit some of your data to the Fiduciary Exchange under the protection of novel technologies like Dynamic Alias and Fuzzy Block.

Instead of submitting data directly to the government, Fiduciary Exchange allows your data to be processed and shared differently under your FULL CONTROL depending on the current threat level.

  1. COLLECT Alias can be used in Defensive Mode - when there is no outbreak. You do NOT have to submit any data to Fiduciary Exchange, only basic automatic logging on your phone and manual scanning of mandatory QR codes, thus saving battery, data traffic and manual effort.

  2. SHARE Alias can be used on Offensive Mode - when there is an outbreak. You can send your privacy protected data into the Fiduciary Exchange, turn on intensive automatic logging and perform frequent manual scanning of voluntary QR codes or tapping on Virtual Markers in locations without QR codes.

The anonymity and speed of Exposure Notifications sent by the Fiduciary Exchange are controlled by the citizens themselves based on their own circumstances.

Fiduciary Exchange uses blockchains to scale up linearly according to demand and to protect against bad citizens with malicious intents. The more citizens, the more data, the more devices, the more anonymity, the more security.

Community Map

Citizens can choose to contribute public data to the Community Map available at under the protection of the Fiduciary Exchange's Dynamic Alias.

People accessing the Community Map can use the different trust levels assigned by Fiduciary Exchange to get an indication of the quality of different information provided on the map by different Aliases.

From COVID test queue lengths to availability of Pfizer vaccine at a GP, any information relevant to the COVID fight is welcomed.


The Community Map is also using the Bluetooth and Wifi signals (collected as part of the Data Fusion function) donated by some citizen volunteers to to build a terrestrial indoor friendly Geopositioning Network. No need for foreign satellites and rockets, a national critical infrastructure built and owned by the citizens!

Being In Control

By storing your data on your device AND performing computation on them yourself, you retain control and thus ownership of your data.

For people who are used to submitting their data PASSIVELY to the Cloud, the freedom of controlling their data ACTIVELY can be a liberating experience.

                Those who don't move, don't notice their chains.
                - Rosa Luxemburg

Disclosing your data to enrich or to enslave, to protect or to attack, to gain or to deliver value ... now it is YOUR choice and no longer the Cloud's choice.



At least one pin is required. It can be a Web pin, a Touch pin, a QR pin or an Imported pin.


The pins displayed will be based on the values in the settings.

Display Date: show pins created on this date.
Display Timezone: show pins created with the selected time zone.
Block Type: Local (small area, 30 minute block) or Global (much bigger area, 1 day block).


Duration Length: from 1 day to 28 days.


Duration Storage: from 28 days to 60 days.


Duration End: pins created after the selected date will not be displayed.


Auto Submit: if turned on, it will automatically submit the last Covid status to every new pin created.


Copy Government: if turned on, it will send the status to a government agency.


L1: Local block 1.
1P: 1 pin.
Neighbours: display and check Covid status submitted in the 8 surrounding blocks.
Status: submit a Covid status
Check: display the Covid status submitted within the same block (not available for "Collect" users).
Receive Message: display all messages sent and received within the same block (not available for "Collect" users).
Send Message: submit a message to other users within the same block (not available for "Collect" users).


The alphanumeric characters on the right are the aliases who send the messages.

"Positive PCR test result" was sent by VRv3LDPY alias on 03-Mar-2022 at 13.27.
"In the Haymarket area" was sent by 1QE0UEEA alias on 03-Mar-2022 at 13:29.



Vaccination, Test, Quarantine and Symptoms allow users to store the result. There is also an option to share the result.


ID: Anonymous or Alias
Reward: Free or Paid
Fuzziness: Local, Global or Exact
Scope: Event, Value or Explore



Vulnerability: Yes, No
Hotspots: Display areas on the map where there are covid cases for the last 28 days
Current: Display the current location on the map
Past: Set the number of days

Web Console

Web Console gives you control of your Private Cyberspace through a web browser interface.

To ensure maximum privacy, it can operate OFFLINE without any network connection.

For details please visit Web Console page.



Custom Ringtone

Custom Ringtone notification is available only to Guest Aliases (Share) and Member Aliases (Change).

Available "Send Phone" numbers:


Go to ALIAS -> 4.Notification -> Ringtone.


Send Phone = the Caller ID (DNIS number) displayed on the receiving mobile phone
Receive Phone = the receiving mobile phone number
Text Code = the unique digits used by senders to ring you
Expiry Date = ringtone will no longer active after this date

If the ringtone has been created successfully, it will be shown as below.


For more details on using Custom Ringtone, please visit the user guide for android or ios


Display Menu

The Display Menu can be accessed by clicking the round Display Menu button in the Upper Left corner.


Menu Items listed below with
  ^   are for Aliases with CHANGE permission
  #   are for Aliases with SHARE and CHANGE permissions
Those without the above are for Aliases with COLLECT, SHARE and CHANGE permissions

1. Services


0 1 2 3 4 5
1 VIRTUAL VACCINE Neighbours --- --- ---
2 VIRTUAL VACCINE Status > --- --- ---
3 VIRTUAL VACCINE Check < --- --- ---
4 VIRTUAL VACCINE Receive Message --- --- ---
5 VIRTUAL VACCINE Send Message --- --- ---
6 VIRTUAL VACCINE Data 1. Vaccination Share ---
7 VIRTUAL VACCINE Data 1. Vaccination Store ---
8 VIRTUAL VACCINE Data 1. Vaccination List ---
9 VIRTUAL VACCINE Data 2. Test Share ---
10 VIRTUAL VACCINE Data 2. Test Store ---
11 VIRTUAL VACCINE Data 2. Test List ---
12 VIRTUAL VACCINE Data 3. Quarantine Share ---
13 VIRTUAL VACCINE Data 3. Quarantine Store ---
14 VIRTUAL VACCINE Data 3. Quarantine List ---
15 VIRTUAL VACCINE Data 4. Symptoms Share ---
16 VIRTUAL VACCINE Data 4. Symptoms Store ---
17 VIRTUAL VACCINE Data 4. Symptoms List ---
18 VIRTUAL VACCINE Data 5. Risks a. Vulnerability ---
19 VIRTUAL VACCINE Data 5. Risks b. Hotspots Point Map
20 VIRTUAL VACCINE Data 5. Risks b. Hotspots Area Map
21 VIRTUAL VACCINE Data 5. Risks c. Current ---
22 VIRTUAL VACCINE Data 5. Risks d. Past ---

2. Applications

1. Fiduciary Exchange

0 1 2 3 4 5
1 Fiduciary Exchange 1. Introduction --- --- ---
2 Fiduciary Exchange 2. Nodes Input --- ---
3 Fiduciary Exchange 2. Nodes Output --- ---
4 Fiduciary Exchange 2. Nodes Directory --- ---
5 Fiduciary Exchange 2. Nodes Storage --- ---
6 Fiduciary Exchange 2. Nodes Process --- ---
7 Fiduciary Exchange 2. Nodes Support --- ---
8 Fiduciary Exchange 2. Nodes Legacy 1 --- ---
9 Fiduciary Exchange 2. Nodes Legacy 2 --- ---
10 Fiduciary Exchange 3. Alias Create Alias --- ---
11 Fiduciary Exchange 3. Alias Import Alias --- ---
12 Fiduciary Exchange 3. Alias Import History --- ---
13 Fiduciary Exchange 3. Alias Export History --- ---
14 Fiduciary Exchange #4. Wallet #Create Wallet --- ---
15 Fiduciary Exchange #4. Wallet #Key #Delete ---
16 Fiduciary Exchange #4. Wallet #Key #Add ---
17 Fiduciary Exchange #4. Wallet #Address --- ---
18 Fiduciary Exchange #4. Wallet #Signature #Delete ---
19 Fiduciary Exchange #4. Wallet #Signature #Add ---
20 Fiduciary Exchange #4. Wallet #Chain --- ---
21 Fiduciary Exchange #4. Wallet #PrivateKey --- ---
22 Fiduciary Exchange #5. Details --- --- ---
23 Fiduciary Exchange #6. Notification #Message #Send ---
24 Fiduciary Exchange #6. Notification #Message #Receive ---
25 Fiduciary Exchange #6. Notification #Ringtone #Create ---
26 Fiduciary Exchange #7. Identity #1. Attached Identity #Phone Number #Register
27 Fiduciary Exchange #7. Identity #1. Attached Identity #Credit Card ^Register
28 Fiduciary Exchange #7. Identity #1. Attached Identity #Driver Licence ^Submit
29 Fiduciary Exchange #7. Identity #1. Attached Identity #Global Block #Submit
30 Fiduciary Exchange #7. Identity #1. Attached Identity #Last ISP #Submit
31 Fiduciary Exchange #7. Identity #1. Attached Identity #Local Block #Submit
32 Fiduciary Exchange #7. Identity #1. Attached Identity #Medicare ^Submit
33 Fiduciary Exchange #7. Identity #1. Attached Identity #Venue ^Verify
34 Fiduciary Exchange #7. Identity #2. Check Identity #Search ---
35 Fiduciary Exchange #8. Payment #Charge Credit Card --- ---

2. Geo Position

0 1 2 3 4 5
1 Geo Position 1. Introduction --- --- ---
2 Geo Position 2. Nodes --- --- ---
3 Geo Position 3. Daily Map a. Display Pins --- ---
4 Geo Position 3. Daily Map b. Filter Location --- ---
5 Geo Position 3. Daily Map c. Location Files Read from Phone ---
6 Geo Position 3. Daily Map c. Location Files Save to Phone ---
7 Geo Position 3. Daily Map c. Location Files Export to Server ---
8 Geo Position 4. Community --- --- ---
9 Geo Position 5. Outdoor a. Area Browser --- ---
10 Geo Position 5. Outdoor b. Map Browser --- ---
11 Geo Position 6. Indoor a. Level Browser --- ---
12 Geo Position 6. Indoor b. Floorplan Designer --- ---
13 Geo Position 6. Indoor c. Distance Measure --- ---
14 Geo Position 7. Transport a. Speed Limit Map --- ---
15 Geo Position 7. Transport b. Public Transport Map --- ---
16 Geo Position 7. Transport c. Speed Limit Alert --- ---
17 Geo Position 7. Transport d. Geofencing Alert --- ---
18 Geo Position ^8. Venue ^1. Attached Identity ^Venue ^Verify
19 Geo Position ^8. Venue ^2. Check Identity ^Search ---

3. Home Digital Hub

0 1 2 3 4
1 Home Digital Hub 1. Introduction --- ---
2 Home Digital Hub 2. Nodes Satellite ---
3 Home Digital Hub 2. Nodes Home ---
4 Home Digital Hub 2. Nodes Activate ^Create User
5 Home Digital Hub 3. Console Barcode ---
6 Home Digital Hub 3. Console Calendar ---
7 Home Digital Hub 3. Console QRcode ---
8 Home Digital Hub 3. Console Relation ---
9 Home Digital Hub 3. Console Task ---
10 Home Digital Hub 3. Console Speech ---
12 Home Digital Hub 4. Station Album ---
13 Home Digital Hub 4. Station Avatar ---
14 Home Digital Hub 4. Station Chat ---
15 Home Digital Hub 4. Station Discuss ---
16 Home Digital Hub 4. Station File ---
17 Home Digital Hub 4. Station Meet ---
18 Home Digital Hub 4. Station Photo ---
19 Home Digital Hub 4. Station Recorder ---
20 Home Digital Hub 4. Station Search ---
21 Home Digital Hub 4. Station Web ---

3. Help

HELP v22040101

0 1 2 3
1 HELP 1. Introduction ---
2 HELP 2. Get Support ---
3 HELP 3. Mobile App Mobile App / Download iOS App


Create Wallet

a. Go to ALIAS -> List and check the "Type" column (top row).

If it shows "Collect", tap on the "Create Alias" button to upgrade the alias to a "Share" alias (Wallet is also available to a "Change" alias), enter your preferred password and select OK.

If you are prompted to download the .alias file, select "Download" or "OK". Once the "Share" alias has been successfully created, it will be shown as below.

b. Go to ALIAS -> 2.Wallet -> Create Wallet

Select one of the keys available, e.g: Any 1 out of 3 keys.

Enter your preferred password for the key and select OK.

To check whether the Wallet has been successfully created, go to ALIAS -> Wallet. If you are able to see below, that means the Wallet has been successfully created.

If this is the first time you have created the Wallet, you will see one of the pop-up windows below. depending on the operating system of your device.


Simply click on the OK or Close button to continue.


Console indicates the number of blocks which have been submitted.

Every time there is a pin added, whether it is a Web pin, a Touch pin, a QR pin or an Imported pin and a "Status" is submitted, it will be reflected in the "Console" number.


Three pins added

Status submitted

Three different status submitted but they are within the same block

The Console number is 1 although the number of status submitted is 3, because all are within the same block

Click on the Console and a new window will display the number of status submitted (one "Y" indicates one status submitted)


Every time a pin is added and a status is submitted, it will also be reflected in the "Exchange" number, which is the number of coins earned.

However, if there is one or more submitted pins in the same block and within the same 30 minute block as the the other pins, only the "Console" will reflect the number of submitted status (the number of "Y") and not the "Exchange" number.