What is Citizen Application

1. Trusted Cyberspace

Citizen Application revolutionises online TRUST by solving the Visibility vs Privacy conundrum so Private Cyberspaces can interact and collaborate safely. It delivers Homomorphic Encryption at scale enabling citizens to solve intractable problems that have defeated all governments.

If all you have is a hammer,
everything looks like a nail.

Abraham Maslow

All existing contact tracing solutions are based on centralised cloud computing, which lacks the privacy, visibility and speed needed to control COVID. The world's first Citizen Application, Virtual Vaccine, takes advantage of millions of mobile phones (not as passive data collectors but active data processors) to hunt the virus down precisely and cut its spread quickly.


1.1. Hard Problems Solved

Apple and Google could have ended the whole pandemic within weeks using the data on people's phones, months before vaccine availability. If the Cloud can control how you think, it certainly knows whether you have been exposed.

Virtual Vaccine solves the Personal Privacy vs Virus Visibility conundrum by using 88.io to give citizens the capability and incentive to collect and process data privately on their own devices instead of sending their raw data away to remote computing facilities for processing.

Your movement through the day, neighbour wifi signals, headset bluetooth signals, rapid antigen test results, cafe QR codes, shopping receipts - EVERYTHING is collected privately on your phone for your own private use.

OPTIONALLY you can donate or sell some of those data to help locate the virus down to meters and cut its legs off within minutes by notifying others.

With the compute and data from millions of citizen mobile phones working together, many other applications are possible e.g. building a sovereign terrestrial indoor capable geo-positioning system for your country - no satellites nor rockets needed!

And why stop at aggregating just phones? Millions of water tanks working together can solve the energy storage problem we are ALL facing ...

2. Competitive ADVANTAGE

Organisations on the Internet or Blockchain that take your data to benefit themselves instead of you, we collectively called the Cloud.

When the Cloud processes and stores your data, you lose control and thus ownership of your data.

Your data become their information asset, benefiting them more than of you. In some cases, they even use your data to control you.

2.1. Information Asset

Your data are not useful by themselves, they need some compute power to make them into a valuable Information Assets.

88.io is an information ecosystem that enables you to grow your information assets and receive significant returns from them.

  • Instead of giving your DATA to those that have COMPUTE power (the Cloud).
  • 88.io gives COMPUTE power to those that have DATA (you).


88.io gives you the computing power required to transfers control of your data from the Cloud back to you, so YOU instead of them benefit from your data.

For example, since your location data is already being sold you might as well sell them yourself under YOUR terms - which includes not selling them at all. Taking control of your data is not just about money, it is about preventing others influencing your decisions and actions as well.

Information Asset   Ownership Advantages
1. More Insight   2. More Income
3. More Independence     4. More Innovation
5. More Productivity   6. More Security

2.3. Force Multiplier

Whoever owns the infrastructure controls the applications running on it. The applications in turn controls your information, your worldview and finally you.

88.io's Crowd Infrastructure aggregates the resources from millions of users giving individuals almost unlimited resources.


Anyone with spare resources (e.g. working laptop with cracked screen, unused disk space, empty shelf to host equipment, sunday afternoon to train AI etc.) can share with anyone else in a safe manner and get rewarded.

Existing applications (Windows, Linux etc.) can work with your Private Cyberspace seamlessly to leverage its many unique features e.g. increasing security with Virtual Private Mesh, increasing capacity with Infinite Disk etc.

Modular Application and Infrastructure layers promotes innovation and compatibility. All transactions are underpinned by Fuzzy Blockchains to ensure that everyone is playing by the rules.

Local Communities can assemble their own services rapidly and cheaply using prebuilt application and infrastructure modules under the guidance of Regional Coordinators.

3. Available NOW

No matter your wealth and skill levels, you can now gain unique insights into your life and earn income from your data by building up your OWN information assets instead of building the cloud's information assets.

3.1. Just One Click

With just ONE CLICK, you can create you own Private Cyberspaces and start adding value to it by collecting data about yourself and your environment in just ONE SECOND.

Besides increasing your personal privacy and income, the most exciting new capability you get instantly with that ONE CLICK is working with other private cyberspaces through Citizen Synergy to solve the biggest problems facing humankind e.g. COVID.

3.2. Trusted Team

Since deploying the Australia's first VoIP service in 1997 (currently the longest running VoIP service in the world) the team has also deployed many other diverse systems for our clients from mobile point of sales to number plate recognition parking. 25 years of continuous system deployments has resulted in 88.io.

Besides Australia, we have started roll-out in 3 more countries. We need your help at all levels in all countries.

3.3. End Pandemic

Anyone with an Android or iOS phone can help end this pandemic using the Virtual Vaccine citizen application that is already bundled inside all Private Cyberspaces.

With the privacy protections offered by privacy cyberspaces and citizen synergy, the massive amount of information collected from COVID-19 contact tracing can be used to substantially improve a nation's economy, productivity and safety.

Other citizen applications using the data collected with Virtual Vaccine are the Geo Position application (so you can built an indoor capable geo-positioning system for your country) and the Citizen Timeline application (so you can put all your past experiences and future plans under you exclusive control).



Unlike a "platform" where users rely on and work on top of, 88.io is an "ecosystem" where all entities work together with each other maintaining full autonomy.

Nurturing Citizen Computing

88.io is a citizen ecosystem promoting Information Ownership.

88.io aggregates the development and operation resources of information space owners worldwide, through a set of development templates and operation grids.

  • Collaborative Templates allow information space owners to built applications and infrastructures rapidly, operated reliably and improved continually at low costs.

  • Collaborative Grids allow information space owners to run global and national services at large scale with high reliability and low costs.