What is Private Cyberspace

Separation of Power

Create a Private Cyberspace for your information assets with just One Click. No more giving away data and CONTROL to Cloud Platforms. Add new dimensions to your digital life - gain insights, earn incomes and make impacts that were not possible before.

To prevent those WITH massive compute power shaping the lives of those WITHOUT, Private Cyberspace breaks up monolithic Cloud Platforms into millions of independently owned and controlled digital environments to gain unprecedented privacy, security, performance, and reliability.

Note: In this web page we outline the breakthrough technologies used to deliver Private Cyberspaces to everyone - from billionaires to refugees. For a comparison of Private Cyberspaces against Cloud Platforms, please visit the web page Why Private Cyberspace.

1.1. Three Branches

Just like the legislature and the judiciary are DIFFERENT in most countries, the applications and infrastructures of your Private Cyberspace should be provided by different parties.

Private Cyberspace breaks the monolithic Cloud structure into 3 independent branches preventing control of your cyberspace by a single party.