WiFi Adapter

Supported WiFi Modes

Using linux command iw phy listed under Supported interface modes.

USB Adapters Capabilities

Device ibss managed ap p2p-client p2p-go p2p-device ap/vlan monitor mesh point
rpi4b y y y y y y
rtl8812bu y y y y y
ms1552 y y y y y y
wl167g y y y y y y
dwa140 y y y y y y
dwa160 y y y y y y y
odroid3 y y y y y y y y

Device Legend
rpi4b = Raspberry Pi 4B
rtl8812bu = Realtek RTL8812BU
ms1552 = EDUP EP-MS1552
wl167g = ASUS WL-167g
dwa140 = D-Link DWA-140
dwa160 = D-Link DWA-160
odroid3 = Odroid WiFi Module 3

For Mesh Radio between neighbours, OLSR is recommended. But if you want to use 820.11s instead then the WiFi equipment MUST have "mesh point" as "y" above, so Raspberry Pi 4B (rpi4b) internal WiFi cannot be used.