Information is your most important asset. 88.io empowers you to build your information asset in your own Private Cyberspace so you (instead of the cloud) can benefit from your data. Sell your assets or use them to solve difficult problems like COVID with others through Citizen Synergy.

Create your Private Cyberspace with just ONE CLICK and progressively build up your Information Assets in 4 easy stages:

  1. Start COLLECTING data about yourself and your environment in total privacy.
  2. When you are comfortable start SHARING your data with absolute anonymity.
  3. When you have gain enough experiences start CHANGING community data.
  4. When you have spare resources, start PROVIDING resources to others.

1. Why 88.io ?

Your data are not useful by themselves, they need some compute power to make them into a valuable Information Assets.

88.io is an information platform that enables you to grow your information assets and receive significant returns from them.

  • Instead of giving your DATA to those that have COMPUTE power (the Cloud).
  • 88.io gives COMPUTE power to those that have DATA (you).


88.io gives you the computing power required to transfers control of your data from the Cloud back to you, so YOU instead of them benefit from your data.

For example, since your location data is already being sold you might as well sell them yourself under YOUR terms - which includes not selling them at all. Taking control of your data is not just about money, it is about preventing others influencing your decisions and actions as well.

Information Asset = Compute + Data   Ownership Advantages
1. More Insight   2. More Income
3. More Independence     4. More Innovation
5. More Productivity   6. More Security

2. What is 88.io ?

The 88.io application platform protects the data owner (that is YOU) by breaking up traditional monolithic information technology systems into 2 separate computing grids:

  1. Private Cyberspace grid for collecting, processing and storing your personal data (e.g. emails, photos) and environment data (e.g. wifi signals, barcodes).
  2. Citizen Synergy grid for interacting (e.g. exchange assets) and collaborating (e.g. fight COVID) with others.


Identities are anonymised and data are encrypted before moving from your private cyberspace grid to the community citizen synergy grid.

Currently there are 4 Platform Modules handling identity, application, interaction, and infrastructure respectively. Micro Blockchain technology is used to secure the operation of the platform and its modules.


Global full spectrum Citizen Applications, that is driven by the end user instead of the application developer, can be created rapidly with the Platform Modules.

Domestic communities can create new Local Services easily by integrating already existing Citizen Applications.