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Information is your most important asset. empowers you to build your information asset in your own Private Cyberspace so you (instead of the cloud) can benefit from your data. Sell your assets or use them to solve difficult problems like COVID with others through Citizen Synergy.

1.1. Virtual Vaccine

Apple and Google could have ended the whole pandemic within weeks using the data on people's phones, months before vaccine availability. If the Cloud can control how you think, it certainly knows whether you have been exposed. Virtual Vaccine now gives YOU that same power with just ONE CLICK.

1.2. Global Deployment

Short vaccine protection duration and new virus variants mean COVID is still causing health and financial damages. enables citizens to use their collective computing power to help THEIR GOVERNMENTS fight pandemics and solve other large scale problems in a new game changing way.


Everyone can create their own private cyberspaces to store their information assets with just ONE CLICK, independent of their wealth and skill levels, gaining unique insights into their lives and growing data income for themselves instead of for the cloud.

2.1. Dynamic Alias

Create different identities for use in different situations. Train them with AI technologies like understanding your speech that run in the privacy of your own cyberspace instead of in the cloud.

2.2. Citizen Application

For the first time, end users have control of the applications that handle their data, instead of being controlled by the application. Users ACTIVELY customise the applications to their own requirements instead of PASSIVELY submitting data to be processed in ways dictated the developers.


Utilising wasted computing power (e.g. laptops with smashed screens) and under developed talent (e.g. retirees) to form a trusted and reliable community computing grid to solve hard problems like COVID. No money nor expertise required, compute nodes can be set up on home computers in minutes.

3.1. Fiduciary Exchange

Fiduciary Exchange uses blockchains for innovation instead of speculation, replacing wasteful mining with productive processing. It is made up of citizen owned computing devices (like mobile phones and home computers) DISTRIBUTED amongst the population operating independent of each other.

3.2. Disposable Node

Release those untapped resources around your neighbourhood e.g turn annoying wifi signals from your neighbours into an indoor geo-positioning system or use those wifi as backup links when you own internet link is down.