Category Topics

1. empowers you to create your own Private Cyberspace so you can benefit from your information assets and use those assets to solve difficult problems with others through Citizen Synergy. Create yours now with just ONE CLICK.

1.1. Citizen Assisted Contact Tracing

Apple and Google could have ended the whole pandemic within weeks using the information on people's phones, months before vaccine availability. Privacy and cost concerns associated with mass tracking disappear with CITIZEN ASSISTED CONTACT TRACING, as citizens contact trace themselves.

1.2. Global Deployment

Short vaccine protection and new virus variants mean COVID-19 is still causing health and financial damages. Citizen Synergy Computing enables citizens to use their collective computing power to help THEIR GOVERNMENTS fight pandemics and solve other large scale problems in a new game changing way.


Everyone can create their own private cyberspace with just ONE CLICK, independent of their wealth and skill levels. Get unique insights and grow data income for themselves instead of for the cloud.

2.1. Dynamic Alias

Dynamic Alias enables you to use different identities for different transactions or in different situations.

2.2. Entity Agent

Your own AI personal helper to operate your cyberspace on your behalf. Training your agent like understanding your speech are done on YOUR device for your benefit instead of the cloud's benefit.

2.3. Home Digital Hub

Home Station allows you to put you information assets in a location where you have the most control - your home.


With just ONE CLICK citizens can instantly add the computing power and private data on their phones into the government's epidemic fighting arsenal. The same ecosystem can be used to support many other community projects.

3.1. Sovereign Transaction

Sovereign Transaction gives the data owner control of how data is shared and processed, while allowing the project using those data to keep the algorithms secret and receive assurance of the integrity of the data.

3.2. Fiduciary Exchange

Use blockchains for innovation instead of speculation. Eliminate wasteful mining with productive processing.

3.3. Neighbourhood Campus

Release those untapped resources around your neighbourhood e.g turn annoying wifi signals from your neighbours into an indoor geo-positioning system or use those wifi as backup links when you own internet link is down.