Area Entity

Country Entity

A country is a fundamental structure in Area Entity, each country has at least one Country Entity.

In order to prevent commercial corporations from taking over the computing of large parts of the world (like what Cloud Computing is doing now), Private Cyberspace draws its compute power from Area Entities that maps to existing Government Regions.

Basically transferring compute power (and thus real power) from cloud platforms back to local governments.

1. Country Entity Name

As a cyberspace incubator, in order to deploy rapidly worldwide, uses the ISO 3166 Country Codes as Country Entity Names.

The Country Entity Name is created simply by changing the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 into lowercase.

For example:

Country Alpha-2 Code Country Entity
Australia AU au
China CN cn
Germany DE de
United States of America US us

The up-to-date list of all alpha-2 country codes available here:

2. Country Entity Boundaries

The incubator defaults to using the OpenStreetMap government admin levels for country boundaries.

We understand that there can be disputes in country boundaries, thus the default boundaries are for demonstration purpose only and can be corrected by country governments for their area entities.