e164.name is a public phone number database where everyone is encouraged to contribute to.

Although International Telecommunication Union (ITU) telephone number mapping e164.arpa has been dying for years, the concept of a global telephone number look up directory can be useful if ran by citizens instead bureaucrats.

e164.name is based on the same ENUM protocol as e164.arpa so can be used immediately by most eixsting public and private telephone systems around the world.

To use e164.name to look up a services behind a phone number, all a telephone system has to do is to add e164.name into their ENUM configuration or replace e164.arpa with e164.name


e164.name conforms to the ENUM standard and is a publicly available for any individual or organisation to lookup without charge.

Reading Phone Numbers

Enabling e164.name look up is as simple as adding the word "e164.name" into the ENUM lookup list of any Internet Phone (VoIP) device or system.

For people without ENUM compatible devices or systems, the best way is to request e164.name domain be added to the ENUM domain list of their respective VoIP provider.

Most VoIP provider will be happy to add e164.name since it will reduce their cost of delivery of phone calls to any phone numbers on e164.name

Your Provider

If your internet phone device does not support ENUM, tell your Internet Phone (or VoIP) provider to configure ENUM e164.name into its network - there is no charge for using e164.name.

Once your provider has configured the ENUM e164.name domain into their network, ALL their customers can use ENUM e164.name transparently - making it very convenient for its users to tap into this powerful technology.

Your provider can also save money and improve quality by sending phone calls to all the phone numbers in e164.name domain (directly to the end device) WITHOUT going through any intermediate carriers or networks.

Besides using e164.name for lookup, all telephone operators are also welcomed to add their phone numbers into e164.name

If your provider has any questions or want to submit their phone numbers to e164.name please tell them to send an email to peering@net2max.com

Testing ENUM

It is best to check with your Internet Phone (VoIP) provider on whether they support ENUM e164.name. However, there is a quick way of testing for e164.name support on your network yourself:

Simply make a call from your internet phone to anyone of the phone numbers on the Access Number List.

If you get charged for that call then most likely your Internet Phone Provider has NOT configured e164.name into its network. If it is a free call then most likely your Internet Phone Provider is one of those who have e164.name configured.