Meet Node

Cloud Platform Competitors

Private Cyberspace Meeting Application (PC Meeting) provides a substantially more private and lower cost alternative than traditional video conferencing services like Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.

Based on leading open source video conferencing software (BigBlueButton), it has numerous advantages over Cloud Platforms, from security (e.g. dynamic alias) to reliability (e.g. infinite disk).

Comparison of Private Cyberspace Meeting Application with Zoom Basic (free service) and Zoom Pro (paid service) on 2023-05-02:

Features Zoom Basic Zoom Pro Private Cyberspace
Monthly Charge AU $0 AU $22.39 AU $0
Longest Group Meeting 40 minutes 30 hours Unlimited
Meeting Recording No phone nor browser 5 Gbyte Unlimited
Dial-In Phone Number No Separate Charge Free

The beauty with having your own Private Cyberspace is that you can leverage its resources like encrypted storage, Public Phone Number (AU$0.49 per month) etc. across multiple applications.

The same public phone number that is used to filter scammer phones calls in your Dynamic Alias application can also be used as a Dial-In Phone Number for your Meeting application.

We believe even at this early stage of development, the Meeting Application can already satisfy "most" of your use cases and transform the global video conferencing market, which exceeded USD 7 billion in 2022.

1. BigBlueButton

The BigBlueButton software is used in this implementation of the Meeting Application.


Minimum Supported Version: 2.6.5


BigBlueButton supports client to server encryption but not end-to-end encryption. Support for end-to-end encryption is very difficult since some functions e.g. recording and playback required access to the actual data.

Vulnerabilities are listed here:

Dynamic Alias is used to add an extra layer of security in front of BigBlueButton's security.


When the connection to the server is interrupted, e.g: the LAN cable gets unplugged, the WiFi connection gets dropped, the internet is down etc, the browser will need to be closed and reopened when the connection is restored.

Failure to close and reopen the browser will cause the audio to stop working, although the video would still work.

2. Value-Added

Community Phone Number

Besides the Alias's Public Phone Number, the Alias's Community Phone Number (+8839) can also be used to connect to the meeting.

Abundant Storage

Infinite Disk provides abundant storage, so you can record EVERY meeting and delete them at will (say after say 7 days when you are sure you no longer need them).