Private CyberspaceTrial Available

The private cyberspace technolgies we have developed for Virtual Vaccine application have now been generalised to solve other population scale intractable problems.

Besides hunting and isolating viruses, you can now perform OTHER tasks on your phone in exchange for rewards.


After the ONE CLICK installation, you now get a general purpose Private Cyberspace on your phone!

A full spectrum of applications (including Virtual Vaccine) have been preloaded under 3 categories (Identity, Public, Personal) in your Private Cyberspace.

1. Backwards Compatibility

The Virtual Vaccine citizen application has been moved inside the Citizen Timeline exchange under the Public application category.

The user interface of Virtual Vaccine remains the same but besides anonymous alerting of flu symptoms and positive tests, Citizen Timeline now support anonymous alerting of any important information, from lost phones in restaurant to active shooter in building.


2. Released Version v22062701

This Private Cyberspace trial version is v22062701, if you have an older version, you need to click HELP and then UPDATE VERSION to update your software.

We hope you like this Private Cyberspace Trial as much as the Virtual Vaccine Preview we released last year! Remember this?

Version v22062801

Besides fixing some minor bugs, this version relaxed access rules to the demo Information Entity:

Now ALL Private Cyberspace created from will have access to the quuvoo4ohcequuox information entity by default.

More people can now see how their Private Cyberspaces can run Home Zone applications under their full control yet taking advantages of the infrastructure provided by their Citizen Ecosystem.

Artificial Intelligence and Infinite Disk Demo applications preloaded in Private Cyberspaces from v22062801:

  1. AI Video Recorder
    Menu Path:
    Private Cyberspace - PERSONAL - Home Zone - Applications - Recorder Server

Version v22062901

Besides fixing some minor bugs, attaching of your different identities onto one or more Alias has now been unified under a single Verification page.

Menu Path:
Private Cyberspace - IDENTITY - Dynamic Alias - Verification