Australia Radio Frequencies


Please refer to individual software for details on how they use the Australian radio towers for varies applications.

e.g. for Geo Positioning

General References

Australian Cellular Frequencies

Network 3G 4G 5G
Telstra 850MHz (B5) 700MHz (B28) 900MHz (B8) 1800MHz (B3) 2100MHz (B1) 2600MHz (B7) 850MHz (n5) 3500MHz (n78) 26GHz (n258)
Optus 900MHz (B8) 700MHz (B28) 1800MHz (B3) 2100MHz (B1) 2300MHz (B40) 2600MHz (B7) 2100MHz (n1) 2300MHz (n40) 3500MHz (n78) 26GHz (n258)
Vodafone 900MHz (B8) 850MHz (B5) 1800MHz (B3) 2100MHz (B1) 700MHz (n28) 3500MHz (n78)

Australian Virtual Private Mesh Frequencies

Default frequency channels are all 20

Mesh Frequencies Channels
Low Frequency Mesh 915 Mhz 20
Campus Mesh 2.4 GHz 2
Campus Mesh 5 GHz 4
Campus Device 5 GHz 10