Base64 Usage

The platform makes use of Base64 extensively. It is based on the definition in RFC4648.

URL Friendly Base64 Standard

All Base64 should be made URL friendly before being transmitted and stored.
The platform's URL Friendly Base64 standard is as follows:

+ is changed to -
/ is changed to _
= is removed

Note the padding character = is removed since it is always possible to work out whether = or == is needed by expanding the length of the Base64 number into a multiple of 4.

Base64 to Base16 (Hex)

Conversion table to Base64 for common hex numbers.

32 bits (4 bytes):
base16: ffffffff
base64: /////w==

64 bits (8 bytes):
base16: ffffffffffffffff
base64: //////////8=

128 bits (16 bytes):
base16: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
base64: /////////////////////w==

192 bits (24 bytes):
base16: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
base64: ////////////////////////////////

256 bits (32 bytes):
base16: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
base64: //////////////////////////////////////////8=

512 bits (64 bytes):
base16: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
base64: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////w==