Becoming a Member

On your mobile device, please go to a citizen synergy app like :

  • Verify the mobile number
    From the Menu, select Agent -> Alias -> Identity -> Enter your details, including the Phone Number in International format, e.g: 61488843733 and click on the "Verify" link. If you ring 1800 180 100, your mobile number will be automatically verified, if the mobile number entered matches the Caller ID. If you choose "Receiving Code by Call", the system will ring your mobile number and the 4 digit code will read out and enter the code to complete the number verification process.

  • Create an account on
    From the Menu, select HELP v21xxxxxx -> Discussion User -> Enter your email address and preferred password. and Click on the "Create User" button. If successful, you will see the Status has changed from "Guest" to "Member" after refreshing the Menu.

To access, go to Menu -> HELP v21xxxxxx -> Discussion Forum -> Login using the Email address and password. You will now be able to post on