Browser Fingerprinting


Unlike cookies, browser fingerprinting are difficult to block and currently NOT regulated by many governments.

It demonstrates how slow the laws a country are catching up with technical innovation, most countries have laws about cookies to prevent web sites tracking a user, yet current browser fingerprinting can already identify individual easily.

Private Cyberspace might as well turn that around and use the same technology for our benefits!

Currently Private Cyberspace can generate TWO fingerprints from your browser (a Client fingerprint and a Server fingerprint) to increase the chance of identifying you across different meshnodes.


  1. Browser Fingerprinting: Everything You Need To Know
  2. We’ve analysed 500,000 browser fingerprints. Here is what we found. | by Peter Hraška | Slido developers blog | Medium

Client Fingerprint

Client Fingerprint is javascript based and is embedded into the Personal Console, you can generate a Client Fingerprint under menu:

DYNAMIC ALIAS - Alias Verification - Verified Identity - Web Browser


Server Fingerprint

To get a fingerprint of your browser go to:

To view the details of a previously generated fingerprint, attached the fingerprint to the end of this web address: