Browser Server

The File Browser application enables you to access a large number of online storage from your browser.

For example:

By default, it supports browsing online using the following protocols:

  1. SFTP
  3. SMB
  6. S3
  7. FTP
  8. MYSQL
  9. GIT
  10. LDAP
  12. GDRIVE

Some protocols can be added to the default:

  1. FTPS
  2. TOR

1. Filestash

Currently the Infinite Disk Browser is based on the Filestash.

1.1. Usage

1.2. Security

From Filestash website:

Credentials are stored in your browser via cookies that are protected by a few mechanisms:

  • cookies are http only
  • the data within your cookie is both encrypted and authenticated using state of the art cryptographic algorithms
  • various mechanism leveraging HTTP headers (HSTS, CSP, SameSite Cookie, X-XSS-Protection, X-Frame-Options, X-Content-Type-Options and X-Requested-With) to protect against an attacker trying to trick your browser into doing something nefarious
  • various other techniques which are left for the reader to discover by digging through the code

Nothing is kept server-side unless you use the share feature. In this scenario, Filestash keeps a persistent, encrypted version of your credentials.

Our Comment

Although Filestash server will not store your credentials, it does handle them and relevant data on a transaction basis, so it is best to run it in your Home zone, and failing that, in your Campus zone.

To increase security of your Filestash instance, pick Disposable Nodes which destroys themselves within a short timeframe e.g. once a day.

Open Sourced File Browsers

There are MANY good open sourced file browsers, Infinite Disk users are spoiled for choice here.


File manager to transfer, access, append or delete your files on the Internet using a drag-and-drop style web client.