Compute Module

Swapping instead of Programming

Compute Module revolutionise Compute Control by empowering everyone (from children to retirees) to control every aspect of their digital environment WITHOUT technical skills.

Meaningful Impact

Collaborative Compute breaks the Cloud Platform innovation bottleneck by distributing compute (from AI to blockchain) previously locked up in DOZENS of companies to BILLIONS of citizens, so they can work together to solve the hardest problems facing humankind.

Citizen Compute makes meaningful impact to the human ecology and scales equitably globally.

Citizen Synergy drives innovations across the whole human ecology to make significant improvements to the well-being of all humans:


Each ecology layer includes related project with a single focus and relies on the proper functioning of the layers underneath. You can create new projects or your contributions to existing projects, in ANY of the layers will help move humankind forward.

Global Scale

A major difference between citizen compute and cloud compute is the tight integration with the governments of each country.

In order to scale worldwide in an equitable manner, Citizen Compute has a national component made up of Citizen Ecosystems in each nation, as well as an international component to promote Citizen Synergy between nations.