Console Sensors

Activity Detection

Activity Detection from current mobile phone sensors are NOT accurate, but can be useful in some cases.

There is a confidence rating along with each activity detection, data is only returned if Confidence Rating is High.


Console Code iOS Code Description
still Stationary no motion detected
walk Walking walking motion detected
run Running running motion detected
vehicle Automotive vehicle motion detected
cycle Cycling cycle motion detected

Confidences from iOS are either Low, Medium or High.

Note: multiple results can occur e.g. if a car stop at the traffic lights then both "still" and "vehicle" can be true


Console Code Android Code Description
vehicle IN_VEHICLE The device is in a vehicle, such as a car.
cycle ON_BICYCLE The device is on a bicycle.
walk ON_FOOT The device is on a user who is walking or running.
run RUNNING The device is on a user who is running.
still STILL The device is still (not moving).
TILTING The device angle relative to gravity changed significantly.
UNKNOWN Unable to detect the current activity.
walk WALKING The device is on a user who is walking.

Confidence from Android can be between 0 and 100, they are translated as below:

  • 0 to 39 then confidence is Low
  • 40 to 79 then confidence is Medium
  • 80 to 100 then confidence is High

Note: No data is returned for "TILTING" and "UNKNOWN".

Time Zone


For iOS the TimeZone is exposed in the Geocoded Location Sensor:


For Android the TimeZone is exposed in the Current Time Zone Sensor:



For iOS the step count is reset at midnight.


For Android the step count does NOT reset at midnight.