Culture Interchange

1. Mission

The mission of is to promote world peace by showcasing what is common rather than different between us.

We aim to prevent violence by acting as an efficient and trusted interchange for the Exchange of Goodwill amongst diverging cultural groups (whether they are national, religious or ideology based) by reminding them that there are more in common than differences between those groups at fundamental human levels.

2. Scope

Our current focus is the prevention of war between China and United States of America, however we are happy to promote culture exchanges between ANY groups having any levels of friction, dispute or conflicts.

Religions have played major roles in the starting and sustaining of some conflicts, thus we are also happy to promote culture exchange between different religious groups as well as non-believers.

We hope our worries are needless but with the well being of the whole world at stake, we believe better understanding between

3. Tool

We appreciate that no one just wakes up in the morning and decides to start a war.

We promote understanding on all sides, we are a tool for other peace movements rather than a peace movements in itself.

We stop wars by complementing the hard edged boosting of situation awareness provided by Private Cyberspace at 3 levels:

  1. Governments (especially the leadership)
  2. Influencers (advisers, donors, special interest groups, mass media etc.)
  3. Citizens

with a soft cultural push. Helping to prevent misunderstandings and eliminate miscalculations at those 3 levels.

3.1. Not against Weapons

We appreciate the ability of military deterrence in preventing war, building up and maintaining weapon systems that are overwhelming enough to deter all adversaries, so that those weapons will never need to be used, does not seem very efficient.

3.2. Not against Weapons

Even sports (from the olympics to ) seemed to be less effective than before

3.1. Grassroots


3. Country Groups

We are aware the limitations and fuzziness of putting nations into groups.

For example, East (China, Russia etc.) vs West (USA, UK etc.) conflict, but we not only have problem with the naming, we even have problem defining the membership of each group e.g. if there is a war between China and the United States of America, will New Zealand join? What about South Korea and India? Our position is very clear, we do NOT want to find out.

4. Video

The video project

Whether it is serious science through large formal international organisation like the Square Kilometre Array or casual entertainment by individual citizens of different countries of each other's material, we want to feature them all.

4. Translation

The translation project is based on a collective AI translation