Cyberspace for Colour Blind

1. Default Colours

Colour preference is very personal, since it is your Private Cyberspace, so you can paint it with whatever colours you like. By default your Private Cyberspace will come with colour blind friendly colours.

There are different types of colour blindness affecting people in different ways.

By selecting colour carefully, most people can distinguish them, whether they are colour blind or not e.g. the 7 colours below.

#1F449C #3D65A5 #7CA1CC #A8B6CC #E57A77 #EEBAB4 #F05039


Source: Datylon

2. Different Views

You can experience how colour blind people perceive different colours on this web site:

3. Other Palettes

Many red and green colour blind friendly palettes are available.


Source: Pault

4. Black and White

Besides the colour blind friendly palettes mentioned above, Black and White, as well as the Grey scale between them also work well in colour blind situations.

5. Trustworthiness Colours

Private Cyberspace has the following defaults background colours for avatars and icons, to warn people of the trustworthiness of the data displayed.

#1F449C - POSITIVE Trustworthiness

#A8B6CC - UNKNOWN Trustworthiness

#F05039 - NEGATIVE Trustworthiness