Dynamic Alias

Dynamic Alias solves the conundrum between PRIVACY (the less you give out the better) and VISIBILITY (the more you know the better).

Dynamic Alias creates different identities for use in different situations. Train them with AI technologies like understanding your speech that run in the privacy of your own cyberspace instead of in the cloud.

Dynamic Alias enables you to use different identities for different transactions or in different situations.

1. Alias Types

Create your Private Cyberspace with just ONE CLICK and progressively build up your Information Assets in 3 easy stages:

  1. Start Collecting data about yourself and your environment in total privacy under GUEST Alias.
  2. When you are comfortable start Sharing your data with absolute anonymity under ASSOCIATE Alias.
  3. When you have spare resources, start Providing resources to others under MEMBER Alias.

Take control on your online interactions by deciding the projects you want to contribute your data to and controlling how the selected projects process your data.

Whether it is finding the shortest queues for your virus testing or the places to avoid when eating out, this platform provides a full spectrum of services, including the delivery of groceries and video conferencing.

Your Dynamic Aliases can make use of different addresses (phone numbers, email addresses etc.) to perform operations on behalf of you with the Anonymous Proxy Nodes.

Identity Format
Alias Number 40 base36 digits
Citizen Number 10+ base10 digits
Wallet Number 38 base58 digits
Agent Number 12 base36 digits

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