Fill Vaccination Gaps

Visibility Spectrum

Working at the opposite ends of the visibility spectrum, Citizen Assisted Contact Tracing (it knows exactly where the virus is, so only need to isolates a few) COMPLEMENTS Vaccination (it does not know where the virus is, so need to jab everyone) by reducing deaths and costs.

Increasing Vaccination Problems

Despite high vaccination rates in some countries, problems caused by COVID-19 continues.

Achieving herd immunity through vaccination alone looks unlikely. Citizen Assisted Contact Tracing can cover up vaccination weaknesses before and after Herd Immunity is reached:

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The CDC might NOT have stopped tracking breakthrough cases in May 2021 if it knew of data centric solutions like Citizen Assisted Contact Tracing which need every bit of data on each vaccine to calculate risks in every encounter.

Current COVID case surges in highly vaccinated countries like USA and those in Europe confirms the unique contributions that non-pharmaceutical interventions like Citizen Assisted Contact Tracing (which protects the citizen before the virus has entered the body) can make.