Global Internet

It pays to spend a few minutes of your digital life to learn a little bit about organisations that are in charge of managing the basic underlying identities of the Internet - the IP networks and addresses.

All devices on the internet rely on them to find out who is where, so data can be delivered the the right party.

Regional Internet Registries (RIRs)

The internet identities of whole world is handled by only 5 organisations.



Global Organisations


Autonomous System Number

Autonomous System Number forms the basic identity of the internet.

A ranking of global ASN is available here:

Your ASN

To find out the Autonomous System Number of your current IP address, simple click on (less detail)
or (more detail)

Currently is using the following Autonomous System Number range:

  1. AS133758 - Public ASN for normal unicast traffic
  2. AS133175 - Public ASN for anycast traffic
  3. AS65000 - Private ASN for development
  4. AS65001 - Private ASN for aunsw mesh

There is an official range of ASN reserved for Private Use:

  • 16-bit: AS64512 - AS65534
  • 32-bit: AS4200000000 - AS4294967294

Currently has reserved AS65000 to AS65500 for our use within our network.