Immich Album

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Source Code: Releases · immich-app/immich · GitHub


  1. Used as default album inside Community Entity 2024.05


Immich is one of many open sourced album software you can run inside your Private Cyberspace:

  1. Librephotos -

  2. Photonix - GitHub - photonixapp/photonix: A modern, web-based photo management server. Run it on your home server and it will let you find the right photo from your collection on any device. Smart filtering is made possible by object recognition, face recognition, location awareness, color analysis and other ML algorithms.

  3. Photoprism - GitHub - photoprism/photoprism: AI-Powered Photos App for the Decentralized Web 🌈💎✨

  4. Photoview - GitHub - photoview/photoview: Photo gallery for self-hosted personal servers

Image Recognition

One difference between Immich (the 2024.04 default album in Community Entity) is the OpenAI CLIP model used in image classification. Other open sourced photo albums like Photoprism (the 2024.04 default album in Personal Entity) can use different models.

You can assign names to images and you can even merge different people identified by AI into one person.


Some interesting tools for CLIP:

  1. GitHub - pharmapsychotic/clip-interrogator: Image to prompt with BLIP and CLIP