iOS Versions

1. Supported iOS Version

iPhones and available iOS versions:

Reference: • Mobile Apple iOS version share worldwide 2018-2021 | Statista

1.1. Support as of 2021-11-01

iOS Version Apple Support Our Support
12 or above Yes Full
11 No Partial
10 or below No No
  • Full support is only available for iOS versions that are still being supported by Apple. All features are available on most devices (we have not encountered a device that does not support all features yet, but due to the large numbers of Apple device full feature support is not guaranteed).
  • Partially support is available for some older iOS versions that Apple are no longer providing any security updates. Some features may not work on some devices.

1.2. Model Details

2. iOS Security

All devices should be updated with the latest security patches from the Apple.

List of Apple security problems and updates are available here:

3. iOS Development Devices

Long term we are trying to move all Web Console features into web browser, however at the moment the native mobile apps can still perform a lot of things that are denied to the web browser, so development of native mobile apps continues.

Currently the following iOS devices are used for development in order to cover the range of versions above.

brand model name iOS
Apple iPhone 12 Pro 15
Apple iPhone XS 15
Apple iPhone SE (2nd Gen) 15