Issuer Identification Number

Restriction in the access to Issuer Identification Number (IIN) has resulted in a number of public efforts which are either out of date due to lack of sustained updates or became private for commercial purposes:

  1. banks-db/banks at master · ramoona/banks-db · GitHub
  2. GitHub - binlist/data: data repo

Citizen Synergy's Retrospective Reward can be used to provide an alternative source of IIN information where constant updates are rewarding AND remain available to the public.

8 digit IIN

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) expanded the numeric length of IIN from six digits to eight digits for verification purposes, in 2022 major players like Visa and Mastercard are starting to use those longer IINs.

Citizen Synergy will now search for 8 digit IINs first and if failed search for 6 digit IINs.