Mandatory Data Collection

Different states in Australia have widely different and constantly changing requirements on Mandatory Data Collection e.g. scanning of QR codes at venues.

Please help update their latest requirements here, so we can supply the correct information to your Alias to help you in your travels across different states.

Retention Days Required
ACT 28 first name, phone number
NSW 28 name, phone number or email address, arrival time
NT keep name, phone number, email address
QLD 56 full name, email address or residential address, phone number, entry date, time period
SA keep name, phone number, email address, time activity
TAS 21 contact details for the person making the booking
VIC 28 first name and phone number
WA 28 name, phone number or email address

If you discovered any wrong or out-of-date information, then please click "Reply" below and report to us.