Mesh Station 24.2

Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

An improved Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W model has been released, you should get this instead of the older Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W if possible.

source: cytron

It is very similar to the Raspberry Pi Zero W used as Mesh Station 24.1, so information and issues common to both are posted under Mesh Station 24.1.


  1. Memory size (512MB)
  2. Physical size (65mm x 30mm)
  3. WiFi Frequency (2.4GHz)
  4. Connectors (2 micro-USB, 1 mini-HDMI, 1 CSI-2)


  1. Zero 2 W has a 64-bit 4-core processor
    Zero W has a 32-bit 1-core processor

  2. Zero 2 W has Bluetooth 4.2
    Zero W has Bluetooth 4.1

  3. Zero 2 W has improved antenna
    Zero W has older antenna design

  4. Zero 2 W has no microSD limit
    Zero W has 256GB microSD limit

  5. Zero 2 W produced until at least Jan-2028
    Zero W produced until at least Jan-2026