Mesh Station

Mesh Station

Mesh Nodes are the basic building blocks for Virtual Private Mesh and Infinite Disk, forming the backbone of Private Cyberspaces, providing abundant bandwidth and storage resources by everyone to everyone.

Mesh Nodes can run on physical or virtual Compute Station and can be managed easily by owner or community through its easy to use web browser interface.

Software Modules

Mesh Nodes come with preinstalled software modules, owners simply need to enable or disable the modules as they need:

  1. Bluetooth -
  2. Disk Server - nbdkit - toolkit for creating Network Block Device (NBD) servers
  3. File Server -
  4. File Sync -
  5. Firewall -*
  6. IP Mesh -*
  7. Remote Screen -
  8. WiFi Mesh - Doc-overview - batman-adv - Open Mesh

Those modules marked with * are enabled by default.

Operating Systems