Network Probes

Network Probes

With access to millions of Mesh Nodes distributed across the world, network probing operations can be distributed easily. For example, the ports of a single target IP address can be scanned from thousands of Mesh Nodes from across the world.

An unlimited number of network probes can operate from Mesh Nodes depending on their capability and the willingness of their owners. These probes must be used for defensive purposes only.

1. Nmap

All Mesh Nodes have Nmap built in, which is normally disabled and can be turned on by the owner to scan IP addresses with consent at anytime.

If possible, the scanning of IP addresses without consent should be coordinated with the relevant cybersecurity organisation of the countries involved.

1.1. webmap

Adds better scanning to WebMap:

1.2. rainmap

1.3. ZMap

ZMap has advantages over Nmap when scanning large numbers of addresses.

2. Traceroute

Although Nmap already has traceroute built-in, standalone traceroute is useful in simple use cases.