OLD Android - Continuous Data Collection

Prevent App Stopping

Some phones put your Citizen Synergy Android App to sleep or kill it, even if you want it to keep logging data continuously.

Following are some tricks you can do on different phones, to keep your app logging data.


Unfortunately the top selling Android brand (Samsung) is also the worst behaved in terms of disrupting the proper operation of mobile apps.

You need to disable Samsung's aggressive behaviour manually for each individual app:

Prevent Screen Turning Off

Some phones (e.g. Samsung) STOP collection of Bluetooth Signals when the screen is off.

As can be seen below for a Samsung phone, Bluetooth is not collected when its screen was off.


Citizen Synergy Android App has a special NO SCREEN OFF feature.

If you keep the app displayed on your screen, then your phone's automatic screen off will be disabled - allowing Bluetooth signal collection to continue on those troublesome phones that switches Bluetooth scans off when screen is off.

Note this is OPTIONAL we should have enough data from continuous collection of GNSS, WiFi and Cell Tower signals - which still happens when the screen is off.