Open Source Applications


1. Trusted Cyberspace

Citizen Application revolutionises online TRUST by solving the Visibility vs Privacy conundrum so Private Cyberspaces can interact and collaborate safely. It delivers Homomorphic Encryption at scale enabling citizens to solve intractable problems (e.g. COVID) that have challenged all governments.

Without the restrictions imposed by centralised authorities like Cloud Platforms, Private Cyberspaces have unlimited latitude in how they can act. Citizen Applications provide a way of interacting and collaborating in a trusted manner.

1.1. Citizen Application Design

If all you have is a hammer,
everything looks like a nail.

Abraham Maslow

A lot of large scale problems facing humankind cannot be solved with Cloud Application which concentrates power, lacks capacity and limits innovation.


Citizen Application turns the existing Cloud Application control flow UPSIDE DOWN, giving the control of both infrastructure and application to the user, enabling everyone (from billionaires to refugees) to build asset, gain insight, boost innovation and make impact.

All Citizen Application already comes with sensible defaults, however if you don't like something, controlling Application through Infrastructure is super easy, you just need to specify:

  1. Who process your data with Sovereign Transaction
  2. What identity to use with Dynamic Alias

Private Cyberspace transfers the control of applications from Cloud App Stores to you. Gain unprecedented SECURITY by separating your applications across Personal, Community and Public Zones.

Try preloaded applications or load your preferred applications.
There are numerous application available, GitHub alone has millions of open source applications you can run with full access to their source code..