The email service in Home Digital Hub comes with its own Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) based encryption software, allowing easy encryption of data like emails WITHOUT needing the exchange of a encryption keys between the sender and receiver.

PGP has a colourful history and was even considered by the US government as a munition once. Today it remains a highly effective security tool.

Key Servers

Dynamic Alias can serve as a distributed alternative centralised OpenPGP Key Servers:

    Used by

  2. hagrid-keyserver / hagrid ยท GitLab
    Used by

  3. GitHub - SKS-Keyserver/sks-keyserver: OpenPGP keyserver
    Used by


  1. GitHub - ctubio/php-proxy-keyserver: PHP proxy and extensible web interface forwarding standard HKP requests to a local or remote SKS OpenPGP Keyserver.
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All Dynamic Aliases have an option to store OpenPGP key pairs locally and public keys remotely on Fuzzy Blockchains.