Oximeters are one of the more important sensors supported by Personal Console, collecting heart beat (BPM) and oxygen saturation (SpO2) data.

1. Bluetooth Sensors

Dedicated Bluetooth sensors provide the most accuracy and privacy.


Bluetooth based oximeters can be integrated into your Private Cyberspace. Some modifications may be requied depending on the device and your Personal Console.

  • OxVis - based on the same esp32 hardware and the mqtt communication protocol but does not use ESPHome.
  • Owlet - has direct ESPHome support.
  • BLEHeartRateLogger - for heart rate only but can be modified to add oxygen saturation.

2. Smart Watches

Many smart watches now have support for oxygen saturation and heat beat measuring watches.

Most smart watches are based on Cloud Platforms requiring their own proprietary mobile apps, so should be avoided due to sovereignty issues. However in some cases the tradeoff may be worth it.