OZtralia DNS Services

1. New Private Cyberspace Domain Names

Instead of using a random .88.io domain name, you can use your existing domain name. If you do NOT have an existing DNS name and don't have a preferred DNS name provider the we can help with new domain under:

  1. .com
  2. .name

You can order them here:

You can still keep the original .88.io domain name, assigned to you, these new domain names are alternative you can use.

2. Diversify Name Server Domains

For citizens who want a diversity in top level domains used in their Name Server fields of their DNS records, OZtralia can offer 4 domains with different top level domains:

  1. oztralia.com
  2. oztralia.org
  3. oztralia.net
  4. oztralia.com.au

For example, the 88.io domain is using 3 of those in its 4 name servers:

  1. ns1-88io0.88.io
  2. ns2-88io0.oztralia.com
  3. ns3-88io0.oztralia.org
  4. ns4-88io0.oztralia.com.au