Peripheral Station Hardware

There are currently 2 reference implementations of Personal Console Controller Basic (PCCB):

PCCB1 - AU$?? - with headers no charger
PCCB2 - AU$?? - no headers with charger

Personal Console Controller Basic 1 (PCCB1)

A ultra low-cost PCC with headers for expandability.

The Personal Console Controller version 1 (PCCB1) is implemented with the NodeMCU ESP32 and its clones (board: nodemcu-32s).

This model is similar to the official Espressif ESP32-DevKitC.


Using the esp32-wroom-32 module with 2 rows of 19-pin headers.


Personal Console Controller 1 (PCCB1) can function like hardware iBeacons easily.


Personal Console Controller Basic 2 (PCCB2)

A portable version of PCCB with onboard battery charger.

The Personal Console Controller Basic 2 is implemented with the ESP32 Wemos Lolin32 Lite and its clones (board: lolin32_lite).


Using the ESP32-D0WDQ6 module with 2 rows of 13-pin holes (headers supplied but NOT soldered on).


The built-in battery charger of the PCCB2 is very nice, but the provided headers are NOT SOLDERED in. If you do NOT need onboard battery try use the PCC1 above (may be with a power bank) so you can attach cables to already soldered headers of the PCC1 easily.

Note this is the cheaper "Lite" version

Available Pins Standard version Lite version
3V3 2 1
5V 1
GND 5 1
GPIO 21 21

1. Pin-outs


sch_lolin32_lite_v1.0.0.pdf (86.5 KB)

PCCB2 can function like hardware iBeacon scanner easily.