Personal Console Challenge

Calling All Engineers

A mobile personal console under US$20 for people who CANNOT otherwise afford a mobile phone.

  1. Open Sourced
    Everything (including software, hardware etc.) must be fully Open Sourced.

  2. Browser based
    Must be able to run a standard Linux browser with support for html5, javascript etc.

  3. Linux based
    Must be based on Linux.

  4. Random Access Memory
    Must have at least 1 GByte of RAM.

  5. USB Port
    Must have at least one USB port for charging AND attaching USB peripherals (no charging only port).
    Ability to display through the USB port on monitors is optional.

  6. Touch Screen
    Screen must be at least 10cm (approx. 4in) with multiouch technology.

  7. Wireless
    Must have at least WiFi 4
    Must have at least Bluetooth 4.
    GNSS is optional (as geo attest can be used in most cases)
    4G cell is optional (as virtual wireless mesh can be used in most cases)

  8. Storage
    Must be able to accept microSD cards of at least 256GB.

  9. Battery
    Must have swappable batteries to ease replacement and to reduce need for recharging through battery swapping. Batteries are charged separately in the sun during the day and swapped during the night.
    Standby time with periodical wifi and bluetooth activity (e.g. scanning) happening at least once every 10 minutes must be longer than 24 hours.
    Battery charging circuit optional.

  10. Camera
    Camera must have a minimum resolution of 5MP (2592x1944).
    A singe camera should be able to face the front (e.g. for video conferencing) or the back (e.g. for taking photos) e.g. through rotating or reinserting.

  11. Audio
    Ability to attach use bluetooth microphones and speaker.
    Physical microphones and speakers are optional - attached through connector or cable.