PLANNING: Young+Old Exchange

Young+Old is a citizen synergy exchange for building digital assets through a partnership between young people (e.g. 20 years or below) and old people (e.g. 70 years or above).

We believe increased communication between the young and the old will benefit both parties at many levels, the young will learn more about the life experiences of the previous generation and the old will learn more about the latest in online technologies, the young will gain skills in how to teach better while the old will gain skills in how to listen better, there are also general benefits in mental health that comes with increased human interactions.

This is not about making a few quick dance moves in front of the camera for TikTok, this is about young people helping out in whatever way (from conducting interviews to scanning documents to organising photos) to built up the information assets of old in the form of a Private Cyberspace.

Retrospective Reward tracks the contributions made by different young persons to the Private Cyberspace of each older person.

The old people can OPTIONALLY make available some of the digital assets stored inside their Personal Albums to selected Community Albums of their choice (e.g. their Family Albums).

Storing of photos is a great starting point in the building of information assets. AI algorithm within the Private Cyberspace will automatically sort all the photos based on the time, the location and the faces in the photos, for the old person to browse through the photos easily.

This is about building up PRIVATE digital asset, so the assets themselves (e.g. photos) are NEVER disclosed to people without permission from the old people. However if both agreed, a hash of the digital asset (e.g. photo), the time, the 2 Aliases can OPTIONALLY be uploaded to the Citizen Timeline as a record of the assistance provided.

As the old person accumulates more and more digital assets, Young+Old will have recorded the Aliases of all the young people that have helped in the process.

We will finalise the rewards for each state before each Young+Old Private Cyberspace goes live for that area, many factors can affect the actual "reward" given from the infrastructure available to the wealth of the old people helped. The general principle is to reward young people based on the quality of their assistance to any old person, instead of the wealth of the old person they helped.

Young+Old releases latent productivity in both young and old by introducing them to an ecosystem system where they can actively contribute and get rewarded in ways not possible before.