Purpose of Contact Trace Trial ?

Citizen Assisted Contact Tracing was designed as part of a new Citizen Synergy ecosystem to prevent the NEXT pandemic, but with continued COVID-19 outbreaks around the world, we believe it can make a solid contribution in the controlling of the CURRENT pandemic as well.

As with all things new, it is very hard to gain up take at first - even though it "claims" to save the world from death and destruction.

We need YOU to TEST that claim.

As you can probably tell this is a rushed job, the product could have been much better given a few more months, but with what the delta variant is doing around the world right NOW, we don't believe we have the luxury of those few more months.

The Contact Trace Trial is about getting FEEDBACK, good or bad every bit counts, please join us and help expand the Active Citizen ideal from political to computational.

Contact Trace Trial Week 1 started today!

Join us!

Expose the virus comprehensively and cut its legs off rapidly with just ONE CLICK.

  • NO download from App Stores or Play Store
  • NO sign-up to any service or create any account
  • NO advertisement or any unsolicited interruption
  • NO leaking of data outside of your phone
  • NO username, email, phone number etc. needed
  • NO charge for use, distribution, modification (refer to license)
  • NO hidden operation (source code is published publicly)

Instant and Free - start contact tracing anonymously today!

Help fight COVID-19 surgically WITHOUT blunt instruments like lock downs and border closures.