Release Timeframes

24.08 Countries

Initially, the focus for the 24.08 release is on the aunsw region (New South Wales Australia).

Only aunsw will have access to ALL features (e.g. high resolution aerial maps), all regions are supported on a best effort basis.

1. Plans

2. Deliverables

The following should be completed by this release:

Documentation: 80%
Stability: Medium
Features: Testing
Audited: No

3. Rewards

Pioneer Bonuses available for this release.

4. Countries

Only private cyberspaces in Australia have access to all features, all other private cyberspaces are partially supported by the Australia Ecosystem until their own ecosystems are available.

Some features missing for overseas private cyberspaces:

  1. No high resolution aerial maps.
  2. No online identity checks e.g. passport, driver license.
  3. No high speed geo databases.

Before this release only aunsw is fully supported, the remaining states and territories in Australia will be fully supported from this release:

  • 2024-09 - auvic, auqld
  • 2024-10 - auwa, ausa
  • 2024-11 - aunt, autas, auact