Rocket.Chat is an open sourced Chat software with A LOT of features (especially for businesses), great for running on private infrastructures.

It is currently NOT the default Chat software because:

  1. Inability to search end-to-end encrypted messages means it is not as well suited to be ran on community infrastructure.
  2. Specifying search terms can be difficult with the use of regular expressions.


Minimum Supported Version: 4.1.2



Rocket.Chat is moving over to using Matrix for federation:

Rockchat Usage

Rocketchat is one of the open sourced Chat software supported within in the ecosystem.

1. Rocketchat Structure

Rocketchat has a very rich messaging structure.

For details please have a look at:

2. Direct Message

The "Direct Message" between people is the easiest to understand and is just like a standard chat service. This is chatting directly on anything without nominating any specific topic.

  1. Chat to a person (1:1)
  2. Chat to a group of people (1:M)

3. Topic Message

Besides arranging your messages based on who you chat to (as in Direct Message above), you can also arrange messages based on topics. You can arrange topics based on people involved (Teams).

  1. Teams - define people with access to topic
  2. Channels - define topics within that group of people

4. Hierarchical Structure

Both Direct and Topic Messages can be arranged in a hierarchical manner:

  1. Discussions - breaking topic down into smaller sub-topics
  2. Threads - breaking sub-topics down into even smaller topics

5. Rockchat Search

In most cases just typing whatever you want to search in the search box will be enough.

But for more complex searching you need to type in Regular Expression syntax.

You can just type in the search string directly, but if you format your search with regex it will be more accurate.

For example:

Find a case sensitive word ABC


Find case insensitive word ABC


Find case insensitive word ABC at the beginning


Find case insensitive word ABC at the end


Find whole word aaaaa with spaces on both sides


Find text string bbbbb inside any word or by itself


Find either of ccccc OR ddddd.


Find either of two whole words (with spaces on both sides) EITHER ccccc OR ddddd.

/( ccccc | ddddd )/

Find two text strings eeeee and fffff both occurring TOGETHER appearing in any order inside any word or by themselves


Find two text strings both occurring TOGETHER with ggggg BEFORE hhhhh inside any word or by themselves