Security Conferences

Presenting papers and posters at security conferences.

Association for Computing Machinery Conference on Computer and Communications Security

Too late to submit posters and demos for the ACM CCS 2021:

Need to keep an eye out for opportunity in 2022.

International Association for Cryptologic Research

Too late for 2021.

Need to keep an eye out for opportunities in 2022.

Real World Crypto Symposium

Finally managed to find a good one!

Unfortunately this is very rushed, as we found out about it only recently and do not have time to write up properly.

We ended up doing a very rough "copy and paste" job, hopefully that is good enough. We didn't even have time to spell check the submission.

Anyway we tried what we could during the limited time available and managed to submit it just before the deadline.

UPDATE 21-11-02:

Our proposed paper was not selected for RWC 2022 but those selected look great, check them out here: