Selling Your Information Assets

With your Private Cyberspace comes the possibility of selling your information assets, using your data to make money for yourself instead of for others.

1. Others Selling Your Location

Many businesses are ALREADY gathering and selling your location data:

How much do you think YOUR location data are fetching for the firms mentioned in the article above ?
You might as well sell it yourself ?

Beside improved income you also gained improved privacy as YOU control when and what locations to give out.

1.1. Plaforms




1.2. Carriers

Telco Call Centres


China Mobile

1.3. Businesses

Loyalty Point


Weather Channel App

1.4. Governments

NSW Government

2. You Selling Your Location

With others selling your location data already and not passing income back to you, it is tempting to just sell what data you have collected quickly, that is NOT wise.

2.1. Sell Compute Instead

You have too much detail inside your Private Cyberspace, some of which should NEVER be disclosed to anyone. Selling raw data directly means you need to take the time to cut out certain information. And remember that once data is sold to others, you cannot ask them to "unseen" your data.

Instead of selling your data, a better way is to sell your computing power as well. Get them to ask you questions on your data and you run your software and report back to them. Failing that, running software approved by you on your data in a mutually agreed manner (like what Virtual Vaccine is doing with Fiduciary Exchange) is the next best option.

2.2. Permission on Group Data

In a lot of occasions data belongs to a group e.g. common map showing of a group of friends' movement in realtime (like what you get inside your Home Digital Hub).

Since whoever control the infrastructure controls the data, the Private Cyberspace the group data is located normally has ownership of the data there.

Every group is different, but by default, Group data should NOT to be disclosed to external parties (let alone for sale) until every Alias that has ever contributed to the group explicitly agrees via the blockchain.

Instead of having Group data is in one individual's Private Cyberspace, groups can set up a group specific Private Cyberspace that is controlled by a group.

Failing that group data should be broadcast to everyone in the group, so everyone have a copy of the data.

2.3. Extra Care with Realtime Data

Currently there are a lot of services that sell "ip address to geolocation position".
So applications give them an IP address and they will return the estimated location of that IP address on earth.

Currently, their mapping are not very accurate, especially for mobile phone IP addresses. So someone will probably offer to buy your "ip address to geolocation position" data. The more up-to-date your data the more they will pay. You need to be careful with dealing with them.

Just like the location data collected for Virtual Vaccine's contact tracing - A LOT of work needs to be done to ensure that your privacy is protected. You cannot just give them your raw data, you need to use Dynamic Alias, Homomorphic Encryption etc. in Fiduciary Exchange to process your data first.