Trial Stage 2 starts 2022-01-11

3 Buttons

We are delaying the start of Trial Stage 2 until 2021-01-18so we can expand the Newbie Mode to cover the whole contact tracing process with just 3 buttons.


Each of the 3 buttons now corresponds to 1 of 3 steps in contact tracing and each maps to 1 stage of the 3 stage trial.

1 Button

Due to the recent improvement in the user interface, there is no need to trial different contact tracing steps separately anymore.


Sone of the recent improvements shown above:

(1) Downloading of Mobile App is now OPTIONAL. Data Collection can start immediately with QR code, web browser geolocation and manually touch the map.

(2) Contact Trace can now be performed wth ONE button only. Even seniors can contact trace with ease.

(3) Improve area of concern resolution from states (e.g. NSW) to local government areas (councils)..

We are MERGING Stage 3 into Stage 2 of the trial, with a new combined start date of 2021-08-24.

BTW, the Smiley symbol is now being used to indicate Advanced mode instead of Basic mode.

5 Countries

We are expanding the originally Australia only trial to include 4 more English speaking countries in Stage 2:

  1. Canada
  2. United Kingdom
  3. New Zealand
  4. United States

You can track our progress in each country, but clicking on the links above.

Update: Country specific API Servers and Local Phone Numbers took longer than expected to finish, we hope to complete preliminary set up in all 5 countries by the new ETA.