Updating Road Speed Limit Data Source

itransport.me application's Road Speed Limit feature can be attached to any Crowd Computing application.

For example, we can show inside the virtualvaccine.me community map the street speed limits in NSW Australia:

Streets are either labelled either with a speed limit number or if it is unknown then the "Default" urban speed limit of 50 km/hour is used.

1. Data Source

itransport.me uses data contained in the global openstreetmap database for road speed limits.

Quality of the openstreetmap data can be improved by continuous update using data from official government sources, which are normally available for through their open data programs.

For example, Australia NSW road speed limit data is available for free at:

It is provided as a Shapefile which can be read using the free QGIS program:

2. Small Data Source Update

If you spotted an error in the speed limit you can fix it directly using the inbuilt editor at openstreetmap.org:
For example:
the value to change for a road is "maxspeed":

3. Large Data Source Update

Bulk upload of speed limits (e.g. using shapefile) is also possible with the free JOSM software. Large shapefiles needs to be reduced in size first and Import Guidelines must be followed.

Recommended steps for Bulk Imports:

  1. Create a wiki page YourUserName/ImportName with all the info about your import (e.g. how you plan to merge your data).
  2. Create OSM file using JOSM including converting, reviewing and adjusting.
  3. Upload the OSM file on public server (not to real openstreetmap yet), and link to it on the wiki page.
  4. Send a message to the imports mailing list pointing to the wiki page.
  5. Wait for feedbacks and adjust OSM file taking all feedbacks into account.
  6. Upload OSM file.