Trial Citizen Ecosystem

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    United States of America

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    +1 88 88 99 86 33

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  5. Map API Server is the National Coordinator for Citizen Information Ecosystems in United States of America.

United States of America is the Directory Coordinator for the Trial Citizen Ecosystem in United States of American.

The Directory Coordinator aims to maximise Individual Dignity, Social Equity and System Quality in the ecosystem it coordinates.

Whether the are Private Cyberspaces within a closed ecosystem like department of defence or an education ecosystem for primary schools, all can benefit from a common coordination of some form.

Directory Coordinators help set interoperability guidelines within an ecosystem (whether it is inside a country and internationally). It promotes deep country specific customisations to the ecosystems, so their operations do not just follow all laws but enhance the security and well being of all citizens.

Every country is different, but generally the coordinator should make money from profits instead of usage. For example, instead of charging a monthly fee for usage, a percentage of the profit can be deducted by the Fiduciary Exchange automatically.

In general, there is a special Directory Coordinator for each country called National Coordinator that is an independent legal entity (e.g. a company) which holds intellectual property rights related to citizen information ecosystems within that country. The ultimate aim for the citizens of that country to hold the majority of its shares.