USB Data Drives

All Mesh, Home, Campus Stations have USB ports - for easy adding of functions. One popular function is increasing it storage.

USB Data Drive Types

  1. USB Flash Drives (USB2 or USB3)
  2. USB Solid-State Drives (SATA or NVMe inside, USB3 only)
  3. USB Hard Disk Drive (SATA HDD inside, USB3 only)
  4. USB Hard Disk Drive External Powered (SATA inside, USB2 or USB3)

USB Desktop Drives

USB Desktop Drives can be attached to low cost Mesh Stations (around AU$33 in Jan-2023) to create infinite disk nodes, delivering reliable storage at unbeatable prices.

The price from major retailer including for 12TByte is only AU$299 in Jan-2023 for 12TByte (including tax and delivery).