Citymark Building


1. Details

  1. Venue Entity

  2. English Name:
    Citymark Building

  3. Address:
    683 - 689 George Street
    NSW, Australia

2. Google Map



  1. Google Map does NOT show the building name "Metro Centre II" at this zoom level (in fact it does not show the building name for ANY zoom level) yet it shows other building names. Have you tried telling Google to change their maps ? Have Fun!

  2. Google Map does NOT have the correct outline of the Metro Centre II building and does NOT show the light well in the middle of the building.

3. Marker Map

Marker Map is based on the public OpenStreetMap thus can be substantially more accurate in a lot of cases.


Notice that our map has the correct building outline and even shows the light well in the middle of the building.


Above is the low resolution Imagery view from the Marker Map at marker.aunsw.88.io server in New South Wales Australia (set up your own marker.cnhk.88.io server in Hong Kong to get low resolution Imagery view).

If you found any inaccuracy in the map, you can correct it YOURSELF ... Yes, anyone with an internet connection can correct OpenStreetMap!

Basement 3 - Citymark Building

Basement 2 - Citymark Building

Basement 1 - Citymark Building

Level 0 - Citymark Building

Ground Floor

Level 1 - Citymark Building

Level 2 - Citymark Building

Level 3 - Citymark Building

Level 4 - Citymark Building


Level 5 - Citymark Building


Level 6 - Citymark Building

Level 6 is the roof of the building.

Thanks to the New South Wales Government, we have access to high resolution images for FREE in marker.aunsw.88.io !


Entity image for level 6 can be created by making all external areas transparent. There is NO need to align to the northern direction, since the image source is from the Marker Map itself, it is already aligned.



Public Cameras

Public Cameras in the v_gh3as8xhduja venue are taking advantage of community Artificial Intelligence hardware (currently using two Google Coral processors) available within the sydney.aunsw.88.io area mesh to automatically classify humans and cars in real-time.


Private Cameras