vahfoom3iquahfah entity

vahfoom3iquahfah is a CAMPUS entity that processes information for people who do not generally know each other.

The vahfoom3iquahfah entity is currently hosted under the domain as it is a great demonstration of Infinite Disk features.

It has number of traditional applications running under the domain to demonstrate's unique value adds:

  • Improved Storage with Infinite Disk
  • Improved Control with Dynamic Alias
  • Improved Security with Virtual Private Mesh
  • Improved Reliability with Disposable Node

Since it is a public entity you should only put public domain or client encrypted data in vahfoom3iquahfah. As it is for demonstration purpose, data may be removed or lost after a while, if you will like a more stable system, create your own entity!

A disposable node vahfoom3iquahfah has been obtain from and a standard copy of Nextcloud with the following addons:

  1. PhoneTrack

Browser Applications

Native Applications