vahfoom3iquahfah entity

vahfoom3iquahfah is a PUBLIC entity (where members do not know each other) for demonstration of some Infinite Disk features. It has number of traditional applications running under the domain to demonstrate's unique value adds:

  • Improved Storage with Infinite Disk
  • Improved Control with Dynamic Alias
  • Improved Security with Virtual Private Mesh
  • Improved Reliability with Disposable Node

Since it is a public entity you should only put public domain or client encrypted data in vahfoom3iquahfah. As it is for demonstration purpose, data may be removed or lost after a while, if you will like a more stable system, create your own entity!

A disposable node vahfoom3iquahfah has been obtain from and a standard copy of Nextcloud with the following addons:

  1. PhoneTrack

Browser Applications

Application Servers