Voluntary Data Collection

Voluntary Data Collection is one of the most powerful ways of tracking down and cut off COVID-19 spread. Yet despite so much being at stake, from health to economy, its power has NOT been fully utilised.

1. Federal Mobile Apps

Currently only COVIDSafe has been released, although Digital Transformation Agency has already got a package name for another mobile app called COVIDTrace.

1.1. COVIDSafe Mobile App

Australia's first contact tracing mobile app COVIDSafe is based on Bluetrace.

1.2. COVIDTrace Mobile App

Another contact tracing mobile app being worked on by the Australian government to be based on Google Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) [source].

2. Our Unique Advantages

Existing voluntary data collection systems worldwide are mostly bluetooth based due to privacy concerns.

It is important to NOT let inferior solutions (like bluetooth) that were developed hastily to exclude substantially better solutions that are developed with more time and thought. Visit https://web.contacttrace.com.au to see why we are so much better tan our competitors.

3. Discussions

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